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The surrounding and the search. A values synthesis

The rootstock choice has a fundamental role in modern viticulture. Today the rootstock is no longer to be considered simply as the means by which to rebuild the post-phylloxeric viticulture, but as the instrument thanks to which we can maximize the qualitative level of production in several environmental conditions.

Today the wine-growing nursery activity needs a specialization in sectors; particularly the rootstock production needs the support of a professional competence, in addition to the best climatic conditions. The Marches and the shore hill in the central park of the region, with their naturally fertile and deep lands, and their warm and dry climate (thanks to the ventilation of summer breezes), manage to have ideal productive conditions for high quality rootstock scions.

To viticulture nurserymen, having at disposal a valuable rootstock determines success of failure in the rooted cutting outcome.

Donninelli’s firm, by using its acquired experience and the latest scientific devices, has reached a specialized level that allows it to place itself among the leading firms in this field. Teamwork with the best scientific laboratories and the use of progressive techniques, for example, micropropagation, have enabled it to propose itself as a partner even to international institutions and organizations for the multiplication and the production of “base” category materials. These relations with public and private research institutions have allowed the firm to have a catalogue of the best varieties on the market, joined with a pretty wide range of selected clones. All the multiplicating materials are periodically submitted to sanitary controls inside specialized research labs.

The cultivation, a “cultural work”

Environmental conditions are important, but they are not enough to guarantee a high-quality product. The firm applies the latest techniques in the cultivation to obtain extra-level scions. The fertilization process must be mentioned: its application is targeted, taking care of the natural fertility of the lands and following the cultivation with leaf diagnostics as well.

Plant health defence and weed control are carried out with the integrated defence method and with the latest products in order to uproot the wood worst parasites. The phylloxera gallicola is extremely important as well: its control is fundamental especially for several particularly sensitive kinds. The thinning out of buds in spring is an operation that needs particular attention in the process: its purpose is to leave the correct number of shoots on the plant.

The handmade collecting is executed by withdrawing the shoots in winter with a cut on the “willow head” base. The material, divided by material and clone, is transported to the production centre and undergoes a careful selection: a specialized staff cuts the wood in different lengths and calibrates it as ordered by the provisions.

As soon as the processes of selection and shoots fragmentation are over in the firm laboratories, the result is placed on pallets that were already wrapped in cellophane; this operation anticipates the entrance in several firms refrigerators that keep a 4-5º C temperature and a humidity level of 90%. The storage in the refrigerator lasts until it is time to send the material. Using company vehicles, the material will be sent to the nurserymen who are going to resume with all these operations that will bring them to obtain new plants ready for brand new viticultural installations.