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It was born as a handicraft kind of nursery activity. The growth, the specialization, the updating all the studies and teamwork, that Donninelli’s firm has been looking for to better itself and its product for decades, have never ruined the starting point of Armando and Marino Donninelli. Proof of this is the old license, it was 1937 when, thanks to the prefect’s signature, an absolutely innovative business like the scions production obtained its official acknowledgment.

At the beginning, two hundred thousand pieces were made: an absolute success for the Donninelli’s team, that manage to produce almost twenty millions clonally-selected scions to date.

In the natural and scientific progress from the 30’s on, the main character of this company is still love. Love for the “taleinaggio”, the care in overseeing the product and making it ready to be shown to more and more purchasers, that are more and more demanding.

That is why it is now required such a pretty healthy material whose quality is scientifically tested. Donninelli’s firm ties itself with the main institutes that work in research in Italy and Europe, where the selection of clones is definitely targeted to obtain growing quality. This synergy with specialized institutes is nothing but the natural ending to the effort that Antonio Donninelli and his staff are making, getting ahead to become the scions stars in Italy and several European countries.